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We operate this facility with the “3-strikes and you’re out” program. This means if you are violating any of these rules or displaying any unsportsmanlike conduct, your wrist band will be marked and the violation will be reported to the field manager. The third violation will result in you being removed (VIP’s included), from play and you will be ejected from the premises with NO REFUNDS! If the violation is sufficiently serious, you may be banned from Hell Survivors® Paintball Playfield permanently! NOT COMPLYING WITH ANY OF THE RULES BELOW IS A VIOLATION OF THE SAFETY RULES!

ON-LINE RELEASE FORM/WAIVER: NO ONE can play without a signed release form.  If you are under 18 years of age, your parent must sign your release form. All players are responsible for their rental equipment and must have a valid drivers license or picture ID for collateral until equipment is returned at the end of play.

GOGGLES: Approved paintball safety goggle systems (including full face and ear protection) must be worn at all times while on the playfield and at the shooting range. This is extremely critical and will be strongly enforced throughout the day. Anyone caught lifting their goggles on the playfield will be ejected from play on the spot! Any goggle systems (or lenses) deemed unsafe are PROHIBITED!

PAINT: We are a Field Paint Only (FPO) paintball playfield. We will conduct hopper, tube and pack checks randomly throughout the day. Anyone caught with any other brand of paintballs other than “FIELD PAINT” brand paintballs will be ejected from the premises, without refund.  Absolutely No paint other than the 'field paint' purchased from Hell Survivors® Paintball Playfield, is allowed on the premises NO EXCEPTIONS!

PAINT GRENADES Paint grenades MUST be the Tippmann® brand (specially formulated) . No Exceptions! Any speckle at all from these weapons, on you or your equipment will constitute a hit. You are out!  Only paint grenades made by Tippmann® and purchased from Hell Survivors® or Exotic Sportz® are allowed!

SMOKE GERNADES: Smoke grenades must be purchase exclusively from Hell Survivors® or Exotic Sportz®. Absolutely no exceptions. Using other products will result in a safety violation.

HOME MADE DEVICES: No home made paintball guns, launchers, flame-throwers or grenades are allowed on the premises. No exceptions!
BARREL COVERS: Approved barrel covers (barrel sock) must be on all paintball and airsoft guns at all times while in the dead zone, camping and parking area. All paintball and airsoft guns must be kept pointed in a safe direction (up or down), have the safety on and fingers OFF the triggers. No shooting, dry firing or throwing of paintballs or grenades anywhere in the dead zone, camping or parking areas.

RADAR: All paintball guns must be radared and tagged by a referee. The radar maximum speed limit for all paintball guns is 289-fps or lower.

NOT ALLOWED: NO tools, knives, firearms, fireworks or smoking are ever allowed on the playfield.

PAINT BREAKS: Any Paintball that breaks on you or your equipment counts as a hit: head shots, body-shots and gunshots. Even ‘friendly fire’ counts as a hit. If you end up with paint on you or your equipment, you are out. It doesn’t matter how it got there. However, if the paintball did not break you are still in, but you must yell “No-Break” to remain in & continue to play.

ELIMINATED PLAYERS: Once you have been eliminated, immediately put your barrel sock on, keep your gun pointed high in the air, yell “OUT” and head for the dead zone, keeping your goggles on at all times. Do not remove your goggles until you have completely exited the playfield (past the orange barrels). Dead men don’t talk or hand off supplies.  It is a safety rule violation to use any eliminated player or referee as cover while the game is on. Any phony gestures to simulate that you have been eliminated, such as yelling “ouch”, or handling or fumbling with a barrel cover, and you are out! Walking with your gun pointed in the air, stepping out of bounds or stretching boundary lines, and you are out! Remember, no barrel covers on your gun means that you are in play; still a target.

OVER SHOOTING: No over-shooting. Anyone caught doing so will be ejected from the games.

WHISTLE OR HORN: When you hear a whistle or an air horn, stop shooting immediately. This means the game is over. Put your barrel cover on and keep your goggles on until you are completely off the playfield and have reach the dead zone.

CHEATERS: Cheaters will not be tolerated. Any player that is caught playing with obvious hits on them or their equipment, will be ejected from the game.

PHYSICAL CONTACT: Absolutely no physical contact between players. Do not ever touch another player and no ‘barrel tagging’ allowed.

OBSENITIES: Verbal obscenities or gestures will not be tolerated.

REFEREES CALLS: The referee’s call is final. Never argue with a referee or game official.

DO NOT SHOOT: Do not shoot at any animals or anyone wearing hunter orange or a black & white striped referee jersey.

CLIMBING: Do not climb trees; do not climb on the roofs of buildings, or any thing else that does not have steps.

FILL STATIONS: No personal fill-stations of any type will be permitted on the premises.

PROHIBITED:  Illegal drugs, alcohol and unapproved solicitation are all prohibited on the premises.

Hell Survivors® Paintball Playfield management and or game officials reserve the right
at any time to remove a player that is acting in an unsafe or un-sportsman
like manor or any equipment deemed to be unsafe.

Open to ALL Players & Equipment
Walk-on's Always Welcome!

We are a Field Paint Only (FPO) Paintball Playfield




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